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Swiss chef delivery on time

Swiss Chef is a HR startup specialized in finding, recruiting and sustaining teams of professional chefs for restaurants. We have a bold experience in the field of chef services and catering events. We are a bridge between hotels and restaurants on one side and experienced chef cooks and bartenders on the other side.

We dive deeper with our clients to identify the needs and specifics of their businesses. Swiss Chef and clients (hotels, restaurants) work closely to identify the qualities and expertise expected for the job and make the proper recruitment of the employees suitable for the specific restaurant. We have high standards for the personnel including cooking processes, details for plating, serving and overall experience with the end customer and many others

For restaurants

Swiss Chef can be trusted for

our knowledge and long term experience in the Chef world
being able to find and sustain professional relations with chefs and restaurants
conducting interviews with the applicants and presenting the best of the them to employer
training and development of the staff provided by Swiss Chef
creating an sustaining longterm professional relations between the stakeholders (employer, agency, employee)
For chefs

Swiss Chef provides

finding a company who match the need with your qualities and skills
creating an sustaining longterm professional relations with employers
application documents and work permits for working in Switzerland organized by Swiss Chef
transportation and localization to the working location when entering Switzerland
working contracts for 6, 12 or more months

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